Human rights

The Institute’s work upholds the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It also promotes the development of institutionalized channels of communication among citizens, political institutions, and elected officials, and strengthens their ability to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

SDI will also advocate for the Federal government of Somalia to fulfill its commitments toward the UPR (Universal period reports) recommendation and domestication of the international human rights convention signed and ratified by the Federal Government.

The Programme will increase the capability of Somalia’s current human rights architecture. The Program will assist important civil society initiatives to strengthen human rights coalitions across the nation as well as state-based institutions, with a special focus on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Working with vulnerable and marginalized populations, such as women and girls, children and young people, members of racial and religious minorities, and persons with disabilities, is a specific focus of the program.

SDI plans to achieve this by creating a platform to discuss the human rights situation in Somalia. Our program will include monitoring and reporting on the situation of human rights, engaging civil society, and other partners, supporting the government, and training Somali youth and women to become human rights changemakers In Somalia