About Us

The Somali Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions in Somalia through  Research, Dialogue, and advocacy that promotes citizen participation, openness, and accountability in Government.

Since its founding in 2011, The Institute has worked with hundreds of local partners across Somalia to inform legislation, advocate for changes in government policy, train Somali women and youth about their rights as citizens, and empower local communities to be involved in community development projects. Through our Leadership Academy, we endeavor to consolidate democracy in Somalia, the horn of Africa, and Africa at large, while we enhance good governance in multiparty democracy and strengthen the institutional capacity of institutions in Somalia through policy influence and capacity building. We provide a platform for institutions, political actors, and policymakers to

engage in dialogue and cooperate in strengthening democracy. We work closely with democratic institutions, political actors, strategic partners, and key stakeholders in promoting social justice, good governance best practices, respect for human rights, and fundamental freedoms.

We believe in a democratic Somalia, where all citizens can fully participate in civic life and hold the government accountable. SDI pursues this vision through Research, Dialogue, and Advocacy that promotes transparency, accountability, and predictability of rule of law which ensures vigilance to create a sense of responsibility among the people of Somalia.

Our programs are premised on the theory that if communities are empowered with information and skills on social-economic and democratic rights and responsibilities then they will be less likely to join violent movements and ideologies for economic gain or to express their grievances.


Demokrati projekt i Somalia, Nonprofit fundraisers.
Somali institutet demokratiska Alternativet.
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Som ni kanske har hört eller vet bedriver vi SOIDA en ideell och icke vinstdrivande organisation vid namn Somali institutet demokratiska Alternativet i Katrineholm SOIDA arbetar för att främja ungdomars, kvinnors och barns rättigheter i samhället, specifikt mänskliga rättigheter och fred.

SWISHA till oss. Swish nr: 123 242 62 78.